TGIF babes! I hope your week has been fabulous! Mine has been fast and furious as they have all been the past few months, but I can’t complain. I’m definitely a busy-body person and just seem to do better and keep it together (somewhat, haha) when I’m busier. I know, it doesn’t seem like that really makes sense, but it’s just how I work better I guess?! haha Any one else feel like they get more done when they’re busy? Granted, there are definitely days where I could use a few more hours in the day, but I think we can all agree with that.

Anywho, on to this simple outfit from one of my shoots last month. I feel like I go through spurts with liking colored pants. I either really like them at the time or it really isn’t my thing. That is the same to be said for corduroy as well. I either love it at the time or could definitely do without it in my closet. So, as you can see I’m currently going through a phase of loving both the colored pants AND corduroy haha. I purchased this outfit from Free People when I went on a little shopping trip a few moths back and both pieces caught my eye. The plaid top is so super soft and has such a cute feminine fit to it. Not only that, but it paired perfectly with these bottoms that were there and also on sale. So basically, it was a no brainer that I needed this outfit! 😉

Living in Michigan (and obviously many other places around the world) you kind-of have to work with the weather you’re handed. This particular day was freezing cold so we decided to take it to an inside location and did these beauties inside my photographers studio. I couldn’t be happier with how her set-up paired with this outfit, how cute is it?! I would love for her to come decorate my whole house! haha.

Well gang, I’m off to grab some lunch and relax a bit before my busy weekend ahead. I hope you have something fun planned or have a little time to get a little R&R.

Until next time!



♥ Paige

Top: Free People (similar)
Bottoms: Free People

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