Grunge Meets Business

First and foremost, so sorry for being so MIA lately! My work schedule has been crazy so the blogging has been lacking (sadly), but things are changing! haha 😉

So if you have followed my blog for the past year or so you know that I really enjoy mixing up various styles and vibes depending on my activities for the day, the occasion, my mood, etc. There are some days where I love to be in a skirt and heels, but most days consist of casual-wear with a little twist. This outfit explains that methodology perfectly, in my opinion. What really drew me into this combo is the fact that the rocker tee brought out the grunge side while the button-up brought out more of a business casual vibe. Both styles seem to be such extreme opposites, but I feel as though that is when you get the perfect outfit sometimes! You know what they say “sometimes opposites attract” and that is exactly how I feel about this outfit combo! haha

The different families of fashion is what keeps my love going strong. You can mix and match so many styles with NO LIMITS! How fun is that?!

Do you gals typically stay within the “safe zone” with fashion or do you enjoy stepping outside of the box every once in a while?! If you’re a safe zone gal, I encourage you to take a leap! 🙂



Button-up: ZARA
Tee: SheIn
Denim: Hudson
Booties: Matisse
Sunnies: Windsor

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