Are you gals sick of these baker boy hats yet?! haha I know they’ve been making quite an appearance on my blog, but I LOVE the style and extra little detail it adds to outfits. Feeling like spicing up an outfit? Add a hat to it! Having a bad hair day? Add a hat!

That just always to be the answer for me when I’m feeling in a little root or not vibing with my hair that particular day. Anyways, onto the rest of this outfit and how CUTE is this cozy little spot at my friends studio?! I basically could have laid there and napped all day! This outfit in particular is a combo that I feel as though I sport quite often. Just casual enough to be comfortable, but also ‘put together’ enough if I’m running errands, going to dinner, etc. Obviously since we were at her studio we kept it pretty low-key and casual, but to spice up the outfit I would have added either a cute pair of pointed flats or some booties.

I hope you all have some fun stuff planned for this weekend! I plan to get a little R&R in as well as get some work done!


♥ Paige

Hat: Forever 21
Bodysuit: Nordstrom (another option)
Scarf: Nordstrom (love this)
Denim: ASOS

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