Beanies & Bombers

Happy Friday gang! Heck yes to making it through yet another busy (and cold) week. Two items that are must-haves for this frigid Michigan weather are beanies and bomber jackets. I love that there are so many different styles of beanies that all serve the same purpose of keeping you warm while still looking stylish. Bomber jackets are ALWAYS a good thing in my opinion, whether it is spring-time or early fall where you can where them alone or during the winter time where you can wear them under heavier jackets (or by themselves for a quick photo sesh! haha).

I snagged this beanie from a recent Marshall’s shopping trip and something that I loved about it was of course the neutral color, but it also came with another one of the fur poms that button on. So you have the option to wear either the olive green pom as I did here or there is a light brown one as well. How fun is that for such an easy switch depending on what colors you’re wanting to incorporate in your outfit for that day?!

Onto this lovely bomber that is an absolute favorite of mine! I love the fact that it looks like an enhanced denim jacket. Now, you know I love me all the denim jackets so to find one like this that still has the denim look and feel, but is in the form of a bomber jacket and displays little detailing, A+ baby! Lastly, I can’t help but mention this vintage Hilfiger tee that I actually got for Christmas this year. I love the fact that some brands go through phases where they make their way in and out of the fashion realm. Some of those that come to mind are: Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, etc. My favorite part is seeing how each brand incorporates the old-school style with a new age look.

That’s all I have for you lovely ladies today! I hope your weekend is fabulous and productive (or lazy), or whatever in the heck you want it to be! 😉


♥ Paige

Beanie: Marshalls
Bomber: Anthropologie
Tee: Tommy Hilfiger
Denim: Rag & Bone
Booties: Franco Sarto
Neck-tie: Express

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