When I think of some of my favorite elements when it comes to an outfit these four things basically sum it up: fringe, oversized sweater, a hat and some booties. All of these pieces can be mixed so well with other items, or all paired together in the same look. Let me do a little explaining as to why these four elements are some of my favorites when it comes to fashion.

Fringe: Lets face it, fringe is just so fun! It spices up any outfit and gives it a little boho-chic feel. Whether it is on a bag, top, jacket or pants, it just rocks any outfit and is sure to make a statement.

Oversized Sweater: Living in Michigan where we have to bear through 5-6 months of dead-cold winter, you can bet you will catch me in a cozy sweater about 95% of the time. I love how versatile and fun the options have become when it comes to sweaters as of lately. Whether it is bright with a funky pattern, sequined out, faux fur elements, or a simple neutral piece here, the options are endless. It is also so easy to pair them with a variety of pieces such as with a skirt, over a maxi dress, with denim and the list goes on.

Baker Boy Hat: To be honest, I don’t think my love for hats will ever go away. They’re just such a simple accessory to any outfit and lets face it, we can all use a bad hair day cover-up every once in a while?! A hat is always sure to add a little something to every outfit.

Booties: Going back to the cold winter months that I talked about above, booties are something that I sport from September-April, sometimes even longer. Again, there are so many different styles and options out there that address any season or need. For the little warmer months I like to wear some booties that are breathable with some cut-outs and for the colder months I typically am wearing something like I did in this outfit, or even some that are fur lined so I can face the cold snowy weather a little easier! Regardless of the occasion/season, I guarantee you can find a bootie to cover the job.

There you have it with some of my favorite pieces to incorporate to your everyday lifestyle! Thanks so much for following along!


♥ Paige

Sweater: Boohoo
Denim: Ferne Boutique
Booties: Zara
Bag: Chinese Laundry

2 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. I love your post! Oversized sweaters are currently in my favorites too. Seeing how you style them gives me more ideas for my outfit! thanks 🙂


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