Pin Strips


Hi loves! Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I know I’ve said this before, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so I’m so ecstatic that it’s already here! Not much can get better than being with family and stuffing your face (in my opinion anyways! haha). I’m also one of those Black Friday shoppers so that is another thing I love about the holiday. Now, I’m definitely not one of the crazy ones that is fighting people over items haha, I honestly think I like to go because it’s a tradition and I kind of get entertained by some of the madness. Lets be honest though, there really is no clothing item, toy, etc. that people need that bad to where things need to get crazy, but there always seems to be the ones that do!

Alright, enough of that talk and onto today’s outfit post and we’re talking pin stripes. Something that I love about pants with pin strips is the fact that they really make an outfit look like you put much more thought/effort into it than what you probably had to. They have that classy yet functional look to them. Not only that, but the variety of ways you can style them is endless. Dress them up or keep them casual and rock some sneakers and you have two completely different outfits with using the same great piece. For this one in particular I kept it pretty casual so I paired a simple tee and some loafers. I wanted to add a little detail to the outfit so I wore a pop of color underneath to break up the neutral pieces a bit. These pants in particular are so comfy as well because they’re stretchy and have an elastic waist so they aren’t like a typical ‘dress pant’, but yet they look like it! That’s my kind of style, haha! 😉

A few other way you could style pin stripe pants:

a. Dress them up with some pumps and a colored blazer with a tee underneath
b. Dress it down a bit with an oversized sweater and some sneakers
c. Pair some sandals and a tank or body-suit for the warmer months

There so many ways to style them, but these are just a few that I would personally choose to do.

Thanks so much for following and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to spend it with those you love!


♥ Paige

Tee: Romwe
Mesh Bodysuit: Victoria Secret
Pants: Romwe
Loafers: Tj’s (Love these & they’re 50% off!)

Photography: Dana G. Photography


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