MiLa Style


Happy Friday gang! I hope your week has been nothing short of fabulous and that your weekend ahead is even better! Can you believe Thanksgiving is upon us next week already?! I cannot even begin to believe that it is already here and that Christmas is also right around the corner. I do have to say though, Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays so I look forward to it every year! Who doesn’t like eating their weight in delicious food and napping all day?! Anywho, today’s post features a brand that I am doing a collaboration with and I could not be more excited to share this with all of you. MiLa Style is a company that is created and owned by a Michigan native who currently resides in Los Angeles. Jacqueline (owner of MiLa Style) is one of the sweetest women I have ever met and truly puts her heart and soul into her business ventures, her desire to empower women, to create a better world and environment we live in and of course, her love for fashion. So, needless to say, when Jacqueline reached out to me to do a collaboration I was ecstatic!

Not only does MiLa Style offer an online shopping experience of the trendiest clothes, but it also incorporates various other needs and desires such as Accessories, Apothecary, and Lifestyle wear. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping for clothes, but I love that MiLa Style offers other aspects to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle as well. This outfit in particular was one that I was so giddy to wear because it was unlike any other outfit that I’ve sported in the past. Mesh tops are super trendy right now and honestly before receiving this item from MiLa Style, I don’t think I would have branched out and bought it on my own so I’m so glad she chose it for me and helped me to embrace a new style. Because the jumpsuit is the main eye-catcher in this outfit combo (I mean, look at it?!), I wanted to pair something simplistic underneath so it didn’t take away from my main focus so that is why I chose this simplistic, yet feminine mesh top. This outfit is also super versatile because it can be worn to a variety of occasions such as: a night out with the girls, a date-night with your significant other, lunch/coffee dates, and so much more!

So, now that you know a little about MiLa Style and I’ve shared these outfit details for you, I have a few more exciting things to share! The first item of action is an awesome DISCOUNT CODE of 15% off your order that MiLa Style has created for my readers! So, to shop the amazing collection you will navigate to this link, click on ‘Shop Collections’ and add your desired items to your cart. Don’t panic if the discount doesn’t show right away as it will be visible once you check-out!  I’ve also linked the jumpsuit below that I’m wearing in this post so it will take you directly to the item.

My second item of action is for all of you to stayed tuned because I will have another exciting post coming soon that features another amazing service that MiLa Style offers with that being, personalized style boxes (Mi Style) that are created based on your interests, sizing, lifestyle, etc. I’m so excited to share this additional piece with you guys so don’t go too far as that will be on the blog SOON!

*Thanks so much to MiLa Style for this collaboration!



♥ Paige

Photography: Dana G. Photography

Dusty Rose Jumpsuit

Mesh Top: MiLa Style



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