Beetle Juice


TGIF peeps! Late night post comin’ at ya, but this is the first chance I’ve had today so here I go! 🙂 I’m pretty sure the title of this blog post explains this outfit perfectly and I joked on Instagram that these pants were going to be a part of my Halloween costume. haha. 😉 All jokes aside though, I actually really do love them. I was super hesitant at first thinking ok, I either look like a referee or Beetle Juice?! Once I actually got them on and paired this mauve colored sweater I totally changed my mind. Now don’t get me wrong, they definitely are a statement piece and are somewhat ‘out there’, but sometimes that is what is the most fun with fashion!

I did get some funny looks when I wore them, but hey, you aren’t going to please everyone and if you love something and are comfortable in them then wear them with confidence and rock it! That is always my little pep talk that I give myself when I’m questioning my choice on wearing a ‘different’ outfit that wouldn’t normally be worn where I live. That is one piece of advice that I would give to anyone not having the courage to wear something out of their box is wear it with confidence and it will show in your presence. So get out there babes and rock something you have never worn before. You can do it and you will love it! With that being said, if you like these beetle juice pants I have linked them below for you and they’re on sale!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and get a little R&R if thats what you choose!


♥ Paige

Photography: Dana G. Photography

Sweater: Omoni Boutique
Pants: ASOS

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