Baker Boy

E302B2A5-C2CB-4630-B1FE-A716A5296A4ACE51D908-F457-4580-98E7-BDA8B4EB816BC439A76D-89BB-487B-B3B7-A2673FFC70372806B192-08AB-436E-AEE4-5546196C9DF06A413B7A-F387-4110-80B6-E852EF325FE6187BCD9B-D5E7-4BAF-9960-FDF18CC714C60155CB0B-D42D-41DC-93B7-C386051F26AC6E72B405-1468-4254-9F4B-ED6B7F9C640C7D548989-9508-465D-AD79-DD3E38139C71FDFF10C5-783B-44A6-A944-967350F50D21Hats on hats on hats…… If you know me, you know I hold a crazy love for some hat wear and this baker boy trend that arised for this fall’s fashion is one that did not disappoint! I think the thing I love most about hats is the easiness they offer and the fact that they add a touch of detail to any outfit you pair them with. Whether it is a casual 47 hat, a beanie, a Panama hat, a French beret, etc, they all just add that touch of detail. Not to mention, can we say a quick adios to a bad hair day?! Throw a hat of your choice on and you’re good to go! They’re so versatile with what you can pair them with which is why I love to have the many options I mentioned above.

This particular baker boy hat is one that I snagged from one of my favorite stores, that being ASOS. Whenever I am looking for something in particular I always find myself navigating to ASOS because they typically always have that piece I’m searching for. Not only do they have numerous style options, but they have a variety of pieces at all different price ranges. If you’re looking for something more higher-end, you can bet you can find it there or if you’re looking to save and find a piece on the cheaper side they always have those options too. This hat was really reasonably priced compared to some of the others that I came across and don’t get me wrong, loved them, but I was looking for something for a little less and ASOS pulled through again. Because this was a pretty casual outfit I paired a basic tee and cropped tank together (also from ASOS) and I was good to go. I personally think this outfit made it look like I put much more of an effort into it than what I actually did. HAHA!

Do you guys have a love for hats as well or would you rather not incorporate them into your outfits?! I’m sure I’m not the only one to love them this much, am I?! 🙂

Have a great Wednesday beautiful people!


♥ Paige

Photography: Dana G. Photography

Top/Tank: ASOS
Jeans: ZARA

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