Mackinac Island

Happy Friday peeps! We made it through yet another week and that is something we should all feel so lucky and blessed to say! I hope your work week has been great and that you have some time to relax this weekend. Today’s post takes us back a few weeks ago when hubby and I took our nieces to Mackinac Island. We actually owed them a little trip for being the best caretakers for us last year when we were in the motorcycle accident. They were the best little helpers and literally stayed with us for a full week and waited on us hand and foot and made sure we took our medicine and changed our bandages. We really couldn’t have asked for anything better, they’re the sweetest little babes!

Anywho, have I mentioned how much I love Mackinac Island?! If you’re from Michigan or if you’re from somewhere else and have visited the island before, you probably know what I’m talking about. I love the history the island holds and the old-town feel. Not to mention, it is absolutely beautiful and I love the spots that you can see the bridge from the island. I always feel like I am somewhere tropical when I am up by the bridge and on Lake Michigan. We just spent the day on the island so we grabbed lunch when we first got there, did a little shopping and of course we had to rent bikes and bike the island. We actually rented the tandem bikes so we could have two of us on each bike and let me tell ya, it’s a lot harder than it looks! Once we got the hand of it though we were golden.

While biking around the island we made sure to stop and walk down on the rocks by the water and there were Little Rock towers that people had started to build so we added to some and built some of our own! After we biked the island we grabbed lunch and headed to see the Grand Hotel. That place is absolutely gorgeous and I would LOVE to stay in one of the rooms just one time! I’ve seen pictures online of the rooms and again, I love the old Victorian decor that is incorporated there. By that time it was getting to be about dinner-time so we made our way back to land. It is crazy how quick a day goes there! We could have easily spent another 2 days walking around, site-seeing, etc. All in all, it was such a great trip and I’m so thankful we have these memories to hold onto with our little babes. They truly are so special to us!

Sorry for the long post today, had a lot to talk about with our jam-packed day on the island! If you haven’t been before you should check it out (and of course get some famous fudge!) 😉 Have a fabulous and safe weekend friends!


Denim: Flying Monkey (Ferne Boutique)
Shoes: Adidas
Sunnies: Vince Camuto

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