Coming Soon!!


Hello to all of you lovely people and happy Monday! I hope your weekend was great and that you’re all ready for another week ahead. Today I finally get to announce something I’ve been working on for a little while and that is my Permanent Cosmetics business!! My shop will be located in downtown Bay City where I plan to open in early August. I will be specializing in the SofTap hand tool method for brows, eyeliner and lips. SofTap is the method in which a hand tool is used to manually implant color into the first layer of the
dermis. What’s great about SofTap is that you have complete control over how much color is going into the skin, as well as the depth. The biggest difference between a machine method and SofTap is that there is no power source- just the judgement and technique used by the technician!

Benefits of using the SofTap Method:

  • Non invasive
  • Maximum control for a relaxing experience. There is no vibration. The technician can go as fast or as slow as they would like. Meaning you can go slow to get extreme precision when needed.
  • Quicker healing time. Because this method is not as aggressive as others, most clients won’t experience extreme swelling or scabbing. Most clients can come in to have this done on a lunch break and return to work the same day.
  • Very little down time
  • Minimal Touch ups- Every client is different of course, but on average they will need to come in for a color refresher in about 1-5 years. There are many things that can contribute to the color fading faster. Those that are careful about those things can help their permanent cosmetics last them for up to 5 years.
  • The most natural look in the world. The absolute BEST thing about SofTap!! No one would ever know you’ve had permanent cosmetics! The technician has total control to create the most natural or dramatic look, depending what you’re going for.
  • 100% Sterile! Everything is completely disposed of after each procedure.

With that being said, you can visit my website at: for further details on services, pricing, scheduling, etc.

Stay tuned for Grand Opening specials that will be announced soon!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to message or call/text me at: 989-313-1785.

As always, thanks so much for following along with my blog journey and now into this next new exciting adventure with me, it means the world to me!


♥ Paige

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon!!

  1. I cant wait to get this done. Scotts daughter is getting married August 18th can I do it before then maybe????


    1. yes! Lets plan on doing it either next week or the week after! The first 5 days after the procedure you can’t wear eye make-up at all so we will want to make sure they can be healed before the wedding! 🙂 XOXO


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