Hey all! I hope your Wednesday is going wonderful so far! Just think, only a couple more days until another weekend is upon us! I’ll take this rain during the week and save the sunshine for the weekend any day! Anywho, this post is from a few weeks ago when hubs and I were in Utah and we decided to visit Park City for the day. Ive heard a lot about Park City so I wanted to make sure we at least spent a little time there while we were in Utah. I absolutely loved it there! On Main Street they have all sorts of cool little restaurants, shops, boutiques, you name it! We, of course stuffed ourselves with some delicious grub and walked up and down Main Street and checked everything out. My hubby is always a trooper and let me stop into a few boutiques along the way as well (some looks with my finds coming soon!). It really felt like one of those places that you could be all day long, whether it be going into the little shops, stopping for a bite to eat, people watching, etc. It had a really cool and chill vibe to it and I loved it! Not to mention, being in the mountains is even better because it’s not something we see here in the mitten!

Ok, onto todays outfit details (sorry, got off on a little ramble sesh) that I sported particular day. I love, love, love this jumpsuit that I snagged from Zara a little while back. It is such a relaxed look, yet includes a little feminine vibe with the ruffle details. Its something that is so simple to throw on for any occasion and you would be set to go. Pairing this jumpsuit with heels, sneakers or sandals are all looks that would go well with it so the options really are endless! I believe they had it in a few other colors as well and I’d love to add those to the collection because it’s such a great piece! I had about 5 people that gave me comments about it just that day alone so I, of course had to share the details with them about where it was from and the fact that it was only $25! Heck. Yes.

Well, I hope you guys love it as much as I do. I have linked it below if you’re interested!


♥ Paige

Jumpsuit: ZARA

Tee: H&M
Purse: Louis Vuitton
Sandals: J. Crew

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