Western Vibes


Hi all! Wishing each of you a very happy Wednesday and that your week is going great so far! My husband and I are currently in Utah doing some exploring and we’re having a great time. I never realized how truly beautiful it is here! The mountain views are out of this world! I couldn’t imagine waking up to those views everyday. We also went on a hike yesterday and came across this gorgeous waterfall and let me tell ya, it was amazing. Not to mention, a great workout! ahah! 🙂

For today’s post I’m taking it back to a couple of weeks ago when I sported this little outfit to work. I know you guys have seen this little necktie accessory on repeat like everyday, but I’m recalling diggin’ it right now! It’s just that little piece that completes an outfit and something so simple to throw on. When looking at this outfit that really is the piece that kind of pulls everything together and I loved it! These neck ties may have replaced my obsession with chokers a bit (well, not completely, but it’s pretty dang close!). I decided to pair my Matisse mules with this outfit as I thought the little details of the tassels on the shoes would go well with the colors and vibe I was going for. I also want to snag these guys in white because they’re so adorable and super comfy!

Well, I hope you guys enjoy these little western vibes for today’s post and have a great rest of your day!


♥ Paige

Photos: Dana G Photography

Top: Forever 21
Necktie: American Eagle
Cords: American Eagle
Mules: Matisse
Purse: Louis Vuitton

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