HD Grunge Style


TGIF! Wishing all of you lovely people a very happy Friday and start to your weekend ahead! For some reason I kept thinking yesterday was Friday ALLL DAAYY! Needless to say, I was pretty bummed each time I realized it was really Thursday haha. My weekend is filled of some fun activities so I’m excited for those, but also looking forward to getting some work done too! Alright, onto today’s outfit post and something that you probably wouldn’t have guessed if you don’t know me already, but I have a love for Harley Davidson. My husband and I both love it and it’s something we spend the majority of our time doing. All of our friends also ride so we’re always guaranteed to have a great time anytime we’re on the bike. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fashion and girly side, but I love the grunge and Harley side as well!

Honestly, that is something that I love so much about lifestyles and fashion is there really are no limits. I can go from wearing a peplum skirt and heels on Friday for my day look to some denim, a tank and leather booties at night for the bike. I love the endless options that fashion brings to the table and how each person can embrace it differently and in their own way.

So, here’s a little look into my Harley grunge style that I so often sport during the summer time while on the bike!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend ahead and I will be back on Monday!


♥ Paige

Pictures: Dana G Photography


Tank: Vintage Harley (very similar)

Cardigan: Free People (old) similar option

Denim: H&M

Boots: Matisse 

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