Hey guys! I think this post title explains it all, I’m so happy it’s Friday and I’m sure you’re feeling the same! It looks like we’re going to have beautiful weather here in the mitten so that makes the weekend that much better! I hope you have some exciting stuff planned or some time set aside to get some R&R and just kick back. Today’s post is all about pattern mixing, which is a combination I always love. Whether it is mixing something you’re wearing or throwing in some patterns for pictures like we did here, I love how they play off one another. Not all patterns go together super well of course, but when I come across the right combination I run with it!

With this outfit in particular, I love how the cognac brown color from the pants pulled from the floral pattern behind me. I feel like it made both of them pop a little more and it just so happened that the striped top I wore that day matched super well with the navy in the background. How cute are the sleeves on this top too?! Stripes are pretty simplistic and give quite a bit of flexibility so if you typically don’t, I encourage you to try to throw two patterned pieces together. I think you would be surprised on how much you love it! 🙂

Have a great weekend and stay safe!


♥ Paige

Photos: Dana G Photography

Top: ZARA (under $15!)
Bottoms: American Eagle
Shoes: Nine West (old) similar option

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