Anthro Stripes


Hey all! Wishing each and every one of you a very happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week thus far and are able to look into your weekend ahead. I have a few fun things going on, but definitely need to set some time aside to get some work done too! Is it just me or does anyone else feel like there is seriously not enough time in the day to get everything done?! I swear, during the week by the time I work out/go to the gym, come home and make dinner and what not, it is 11:00 by the time I crawl into bed. To say I look forward to sleeping in on the weekends is an understatement! haha 😉

Alright, enough busy talk and onto today’s outfit. Remember a few posts ago when I posted a killer deal on that denim bomber that I snagged from Anthro?! Welp, here’s another killer deal that I got on this top and how cute is it?! I love it because it has that versatility in that I can wear it all four seasons. For Fall and Winter I plan to layer a colored thermal underneath and I’ll be good to go! I also can’t forget to mention these denim jeans I grabbed at Marshalls last week. Does anyone else love the raw hem as much as I do?! I actually have a few pair of old jeans that I’m planning to make into the raw denim look so here’s to hoping they turn out! 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by and get yours hands on this Anthro top that is under $30 if you love it as much as I do! Have a fabulous weekend!


♥ Paige

Top: Anthropologie
Denim: GAP (similar)
Booties: Matisse
Belt: Old (similar)

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