ADA Styles



Hey gang! I hope your week is off to a great start! I have an exciting discount for you guys today and can’t wait for you to check out of the amazing ADA items. I did a post about ADA belts a little while back so I would like to touch back on those and provide you all with the option to try them out for yourself while getting them at a discounted cost. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m all about sales and discounts so I hope you’re as excited as I get!

I love every ADA belt I have as I know they will always be that finishing touch that I can add to any outfit and it just ‘makes’ that statement that I am going for. There are so many different varieties that you don’t just have to stick with a plain belt. Not that there is anything wrong with a classic leather as I love those too and sport them quite often. Having those classic go-to belts are always great to have, but having the option to sport a detailed leather belt in order to complete an outfit is definitely something I love. Not only are ADA belts the best quality I’ve ever owned, but the various styles and details incorporated in each piece is impeccable! As you can see for today’s post, this burgduny belt added the finishing touch to my outfit. Without this belt I feel as though the combination would have been pretty plain and neutral so adding that pop of color and detail was exactly what I was looking for.

Now for the goods! You can have the opportunity to purchase an ADA belt of your choice with 15% off using the code: PAIGE15. I promise you guys will not be disappointed by these one-of-a-kind items so definitely check them out! These belts will be items that I will have forever because I don’t feel as though they will ever go out of style and the quality will last a lifetime.

I hope you all enjoy today’s post and take the opportunity to try an ADA belt for yourself! Have a great Wednesday friends!

P.S. There is also an offer for a FREE leather bracelet that is to die for! Check out the website linked below!


♥ Paige

Belt: ADA Collection 

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