Aldo Finds


Good morning lovelies and happy May to all of you! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and were able to have some fun. I had a great weekend where I had some things to do/ get done and was also able to relax a little bit. I may or may not have gotten out of bed until around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday haha. Those days don’t happen very often at all so I was soaking in every minute! Today’s post is about these rockin’ Aldo shoes that I snagged a few weekends ago. I love that they’re somewhat of an Oxford style shoes, but have the pointed toe and the spacing on the inner and outer part of the foot. I was a little hesitant getting these at first, but I am so glad I did! I find myself reaching for them just about every day haha. Not only are they casual, but you could also dress them up a bit if need be. I have worn them both casual and dressier for work and have loved both options!

Not only am I loving’ the shoes in this outfit, but lets talk about this denim bomber jacket for a minute. I’ve had my eye on this baby for a few months now and couldn’t take the plunge to buy it. However, when I was at Anthropologie last weekend it was on SALE for $50 PLUS AN EXTRA 40% OFF. There was only one coat and it was a size small. I swear it was mean’t to be! LOL Call me crazy, I know, but I was so pumped. To brighten the outfit up a bit I paired an oversized burnt orange top and was good to go.

Well, thats all for today! I hope you have a productive and safe Monday!


♥ Paige

Bomber: Anthropologie (similar)

Top: Urban Outfitters

Pants: PAIGE Denim

Shoes: ALDO


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