Military Jacket


Hi lovelies! TGIT! Almosttttt as good as Friday, but not quite! So happy we’re almost to our weekend. This week has actually gone by fairly quick for me, but regardless, I’m always ready for my weekends. Today’s post features this classic military jacket that I received as a gift a couple of months ago. I love the elegance a military jacket brings to an outfit and this one in particular fit me like a glove. Even though I didn’t purchase this one, I do have to say, whenever I do purchase any item I always think about how much use I will be able to get out of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love those bold statement pieces that I probably will only wear every once in a while, but I really love finding those pieces that I can wear often. Makes me feel like I’m making a good investment and if it’s cute, I’ll of course want to wear it even more!

I feel as though this jacket is a piece that I will wear quite often as I have dressed it up and paired it with items to wear to work and I’ve also dressed it down when I wore it over the weekend just as I did here. Because the jacket is the main focus of this outfit I kept it pretty simple and paired a comfy tee underneath, flare jeans and some favorite wedged booties. None of the items in this outfit are very current, but I have linked many similar items below for you so you can easily recreate this look!

Thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful Thursday!


♥ Paige

Military Jacket
Denim (love these)
Striped Tee
Necklace: Kate Spade

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