Hey everyone! Wishing you all a very happy Monday. I hope you had a lovely weekend! Even though the weather was pretty crappy Saturday and Sunday I have to say, I really got a lot accomplished. I love having weekends packed full of fun, but I also love a weekend here and there where I can just relax and get everything accomplished that lacked my attention during the busy work week. For today’s post I am sporting a camo hat that I snagged a few weekends ago. I used to never be a hat girl, but let me tell ya, I sure didn’t know what I was missin’ out on all of those years! Not only are they a savior for bad hair days, but they are also a fun accessory that can be added to any outfit. I feel like the camo look makes its way in and out of style, but right now I’m diggin’ it.

I wore this outfit to run errands on Friday so I kept it pretty simple with a high low sweater, comfy jeans and of course my Matisse mules (sorry I just can’t get enough of these shoes!). I decided to go with a sweater in this blush color because if you look closely to the hat, it has two little pins and one of those is pink. I know it seems like such a simple combination, but it caught my eye so I went with it!

Are you guys into the camo look or totally over it like 5 years ago?! šŸ™‚

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!


ā™„ Paige

Hat: American Eagle
Sweater: Athalia’s boutique (similar)
Jeans: Blank NYC
Belt: ASOS
Shoes: Matisse

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