Hey guys! I hope you all have a great Tuesday and get many things accomplished! I have to be honest, this time change is really messing with me the past few days. I do like that it is light out until almost 8pm though so I’m not complaining one bit! Today I wanted to bring something a little different to my post and feature this busy patterned shirt that I’m wearing. I typically don’t gravitate towards items that are really busy, but the colors and patterns of this shirt really stood out to me so I figured I would give it a try. Since both the top and my hat are very dark colors, I wanted to brighten the outfit up a bit so I paired it with a really light pair of denim jeans. I have to say too, these are my favorite pair of jeans right now and I scored them for $20 at H&M. Yes I just said that, $20! I love how they’re a mid-rise so they hit at the perfect spot for me and just hug your legs in all the right spots. H&M has these jeans in various colors so you bet your buns I’ll be snatching up a few more pair!

Do you guys typically gravitate towards heavy patterns or do you like to play it safe and stick with items that are a little more neutral? Something else I like to do if I can find the right patterns is to do some pattern mixing and wear two separate patterns together. I know this can be very daring, but when you find the right combo it just works and I love it!

Have a great Tuesday everyone and thanks so much for reading!


♥ Paige

Top: Free People
Hat: American Eagle (old)
Denim: H&M
Booties: Clarks

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