Coffee Shop Vibes


Happy Friday gang! I hope you all have exciting things planned for this lovely weekend ahead whether it’s doing something adventurous or just being surrounded by those you love! In today’s post I want to chat about the cutest little coffee shop me and a friend came across last weekend called. I had heard that they were opening up in town so we decided to make it an afternoon date and check it out and let me tell you, it is the cutest ever! The relaxing coffee shop vibe is something that I love as it feels so cozy and calming. Not only does this coffee shop have those cozy vibes, but the decor is spot on as well. It has a mixture of different styles with having some industrial, modern and rustic pieces to make up the comfy environment.

After we hung out at the coffee shop for a bit (and of course snapped some pictures!), we decided to grab some sushi, which has become my absolute favorite lately! Because we were having a pretty relaxed and chill day I decided to keep it comfy and casual for my outfit choice. My go-to look for that day was a Wildfox sweater, some denim and some leather mules.

If you guys live in the tri-city area and love a good coffee shop, I definitely encourage you to check out Live Oak!

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for following!


♥ Paige

Sweater: Wildfox
Denim: Levi’s
Mules: Matisse

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