Weekend Uniform


Hello lovelies! Wishing you all a fabulous Thursday! I feel today’s post is coming in at the right time of the week since it’s almost Friday so I wanted to talk about my go-to weekend style. I truly do love being in jeans and a comfy top and some sneakers, sandals, flats, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dressed up sometimes and feeling all dolled up, but I even feel most confident in some denim and a comfy top. Something about some classic denim and basic top always stands out to me. It’s a super cute combo and a super comfortable option so it’s a win/win situation in my eyes! You all know I’ve been loving the crop top look as well so when I came across this hoodie in a crop top version AND this cognac brown color, it was a no brainer!

For a few of the pictures I also decided to throw a parka coat in there to shift the style a bit. Something I really like about this outfit is the basic and casual look it has while also incorporating a dressier piece to add a different element. Kind of goes back to my love for a dress and sneakers, it just works!  

Have a great Thursday and thanks so much for reading!


♥ Paige

Sweatshirt: SheIn
Denim: Flying Monkey (Athalias Boutique)
Shoes: Ralph Lauren (many options)
Belt: ASOS
Jacket: J. Crew

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