Wish List Wednesday


Hey guys! We have finally made it half-way through our week! I don’t know about you, but for some reason this week has been such a drag for me! I am, however, looking forward to some beautiful weather this weekend. For today’s post I wanted to try something a little different and provide you with some items that are on my ever-growing wish list. I’m sure my husband can attest to my wishlist that continues to grow by the day! I’ve been looking at some items for when the warmer weather makes its way around so I have some summer items included in there as well as some accessories and shoes. I did link all of the items below for you guys so you can check them out if you love them as much as I do!

I would love to hear your feedback for today’s post! If this is something you guys would like to see every so often, I would love to keep doing it! All items linked below!

Have a great Wednesday!


♥ Paige

  1. Darlin’ Tank 
  2. Karen Walker Sunglasses
  3. Nike Rosche Sneakers
  4. Make-up Brush Set
  5. Adidas Tee
  6. Stella & Dot Necklace 
  7. Denim Handbag

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