Caps & Sneakers


Hey guys, happy Friday to all of you! I’m glad we finally made it through another week and are that much closer to warmer days ahead. Today’s post features a comfy and casual look that is definitely a huge re-occurrence in my wardrobe. Although I do love to get dressed-up at times, I always feel myself and most comfortable when I’m in a chill and relaxed outfit like this. Basic pieces like this black top seem to be something I always look for when I am out shopping. Sometimes I really have to stop and remind myself I really don’t need 30 black long sleeve shirts, but I swear they are all different in their own way! haha!

This hat was something I knew I had to have because, well its black haha, but it also is an easy item that helps make an outfit. Not only that, but it covers up a bad hair day too and you can’t go wrong with that option. I completed this look with a pair of Adidas sneakers I received for Christmas. I love how crisp and clean these sneakers look and they’re cute and comfy. Lets just hope I can keep them this clean!

I hope you guys have a great weekend and enjoy it with those you love most!


♥ Paige

Hat: Joan & David
Long Sleeve: Philosophy
Jeans: Express
Sneakers: Adidas

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