All Black & Fringe

Happy Wednesday to everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week so far. Today’s post is one of my favorites because it is my all time favorite color to wear. For this look I decided to wear all black and I love how it turned out, especially with the brighter background. I feel like black is such a classic color that will never go away. Every time I am looking at buying a new item I swear I always gravitate towards black. There could be 10 different colors and for some reason I’ll always choose black or at least a neutral color.

I also can’t forget to talk about these fringe jeans that I purchased over the summer time. I was a little hesitant before I bought them, but when I tried them on I knew it was a unique piece that I had to have. I didn’t think they would be the jeans I would want to grab for a lot of the time, but I’m finding myself wearing them much more than I originally thought. I love the fringe and the little extra detail it adds to any outfit. For this outfit I decided to dress them up a bit with some booties, but I have worn them with sandals and sneakers and love them just as much! Is the fringe something you guys are liking or staying away from?!

Thanks so much for following along and have a great Wednesday!


♥ Paige

Body suit: Marshalls
Jacket: Athalia Boutique
Belt: ASOS
Fringe Jeans: Ferne Boutique
Booties: Windsor

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