Back Details

TGIF! We finally made it to Friday guys! Even though it’s not technically my Friday since I work a short day tomorrow, I still can’t NOT be excited that it’s Friday and the end to another week. Today’s post is all about the back detail that this sweater has. I love pieces like this that add some spice to an outfit so when I came across this I knew it was the perfect piece to add to my closet! It just so happened that I had a pair of jeans that matched the maroon color on the back of the sweater so I thought it would be a good combination of the two pieces together. Sometimes I am hesitant about wearing a lot of the same color in an outfit, but I feel like with the majority of the sweater being a bright white and wearing some Black boots, it would break up the colors a bit.

To accentuate the maroon color a bit more I paired the same color hat to cover my bad hair day and called it a day! I can’t forget to mention this little Tory Burch purse that is my go-to for carrying just a few small items when I need to. Sometimes I don’t feel like lugging my regular purse around so if I’m running errands or doing something special, I’ll use this purse for the necessities needed for that day.

I hope everyone has a safe and exciting weekend! Thanks so much for reading.


♥ Paige

Hat: American Eagle
Sweater: Revolve
Jeans: Big Star
Boots: Nine West
Purse: Tory Burch

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