Pineapples & Paradise


Good morning everyone and happy Thursday! This ice/rain/snow mix has definitely got me feeling the winter blues. It is the worst to drive, walk, basically do anything in! With this less than pleasant weather we’re having, I thought today’s post would be good to brighten things up a bit and help us to think of better weather! As I was putting this outfit on I was totally getting all the middle-school feels with wearing flare jeans and a choker, but I absolutely loved it. I think it’s so cool when pieces I used to wear during middle school and high school make their way back around. It gives you the option to rock them at a different point in your life and that’s exactly what I wanted for this outfit.

I wore a Wildfox sweater that is the softest thing ever and paired it with some light-colored flare jeans and a choker necklace. I feel like in order to get the full effect of the flare jeans you definitely need to wear something that is going to elevate you. Otherwise, they may look somewhat sloppy if they’re bunched at the bottom. With that being said, I wore some shoes that had a slight wedge heel to them. One other thing I love about flare jeans is the illusion they give with making your legs look a couple of inches longer than what they’re. I feel like that is something I never thought about until I started wearing them again.

Do you guys enjoy when old pieces make their way back into style or are you more comfortable with letting them go and never wearing them again?! I’m curious on your thoughts!

P.S. When I was walking past this bright green door downtown I thought it would be the perfect look behind this outfit.

I hope you guys have a great Thursday and stay safe out there!


♥ Paige

Sweater: Wildfox
Flare Denim: TJ Maxx
Wedges: Nine West
Choker: Express
Belt: J. Crew

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