Day to Night Look

Hey guys, happy Wednesday to all of you! We are officially half-way through this week and that much closer to warmer days ahead! For today’s post I wanted to try something a little different and take a look from day to-night and demonstrate the different options you could take. My ‘day’ and ‘night’ look may be a little different from yours with the fact that maybe you would have them be opposite than what I would, but that is the best part of fashion is you can make it whatever you want! My ‘day’ look would be the dressier option as I typically dress-up for work during the week. My ‘night’ option would be more of the relaxed feel with some ripped denim and comfy booties. Although I incorporated the majority of the same pieces in both outfits I feel as though it is a good and easy transition.

The dressier option I decided to go with a classic black body suit that I absolutely love! I’ve really been into body suits the past couple months and it’s great when you can find those certain ones that just ‘work’ and are comfortable. I decided to pair it with a black skirt and some dressy booties. I can’t forget to mention these bright purple tights I decided to pair with it as well. With having the majority of the outfit Black, I thought it would be a good pop of color. They’re also fairly warm as well because they’re a thicker material.

With the more casual option I decided to keep almost all of the same pieces aside from the denim and booties. I am loving ripped denim lately and usually don’t reach for them in the winter, but with having the tights to wear underneath it was a great transition. I kept the black body suit, but decided to switch it up and put on more of a comfier boot.

Sorry for such a long post today, but I thought it would be fun to include a little different post  and provide two outfits with utilizing the majority of the same pieces. Are you more of the dressier daytime look or the comfier nighttime option? I do love to dress-up at times, but have to admit the comfier option is definitely my go-to look.

I hope you guys have a great Wednesday and thanks so much for taking the time to read!


♥ Paige

Dressy Look:
Body Suit: Express
Skirt: Express
Tights: Amazon
Booties: French Connection
Choker: Express

Casual Look:
Denim: One Teaspoon
Booties: Franco Sarto

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